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Nerd Gossip: E3 Strikes Again!

E3, an annual trade show for the video game industry held by ESA is back this year, hitting every video game lover with sneak peeks of the future. released an article about the event, displaying ambivalence towards the massive spectacle that E3 has now become:

"In many ways, E3 is an annual reminder of the game industry's worst impulses. Giant, sometimes monolithic, and often short-sighted corporations bombard the gaming public with assembly-line products saturated for no good reason with graphic violence and objectified and powerless women. This year was no exception. The big press conferences held over past two days were simultaneously unendurably loud and unendurably dull, a grim dump of guns (guns), germs (zombies), and steel (cars), mostly bereft of new ideas, plopping on impact like so much lazy profit motive.

And yet. Amid the litany of indistinguishable turds shone four potentially great new games, and one essential remake. These five titles, all of which should be released in the next two years, represent the flame of creativity, burning wondrously, if faintly, even at the dark center of the craven and juvenile spectacle in Los Angeles. These five titles are vastly different, but each one says: Take Heart."

Within the article, ranked the games in a top 5 selection:

1) No Man's Sky
2)Grim Fandango
3) Inside
4) Bloodborne
5) Zelda

While there is no denying the entertainment value people derive from video games, there is definitely a cost to the games.

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