Welcome to Beautycounter

Tips for Getting Started Strong

Welcome to Beautycounter! We are so excited that you have joined the movement for safer beauty!

You will have received an email from our Managing Director, Brooke Gray, with the links to our BC Beauties Facebook pages with some amazing tips as well as our Team BC Beauties resources. Here are some additional things you can do to get off to a strong start.

What to do while you wait for your kit

1. Quick Start

Reach out to your mentor and complete the Quick Start and Consultant Action Plan. Go over your goals and plans with her. She is a great resource for you.

Align your 90 day goals with our Start Counting Program.

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2. Launch your Business!!

First thing is first. Schedule a social on your website. You can do this Behind the Counter by clicking on "Orders" and choosing "Schedule a Social" There is a great video on how to do this in Module 1, Post 10. You want to do this pretty much right away so that you can earn FREE and 1/2 off product to build your kit.

3. Start the training behind the counter.

In order to start your business off strong, it is important to understand our products and our mission as well as how to do your business. The best way to get a handle on it is to start with the Counterintelligence Training Behind the Counter. There are amazing tools there to help you with pretty much everything you need to know.

Click here to download the Counterintelligence Training Binder. Have all the info at your fingertips!

4. Tell Everyone you know!

Email, text, call or post on social media. You are now the CEO of your own business. Get the word out there about what you are doing!!

5. Make your List of who you know

Create your 100 person list and categorize them:

  • who's a product junkie/ into health & wellness/ great connector
  • who would be on your "dream team"
Speak their language when contacting them (and remember, if you don't hear anything right away...that's normal. It takes personal 1:1 connections to truly move your business forward. You are planting seeds.)

Go through your cell phone, Facebook, etc to come up with your list. You can also use this great Memory Jogger to come up with names as well.

6. Get in front of People

  • try to make 30 connections a month through socials/face kits/1:1's
  • be strategic about who you talk to and what you want the result to be
  • do something everyday to move your business forward!
  • try to get most of your activity done in the beginning of each month so you always feel good about your business as the end of the month approaches

7. Decide on your selling strategy

There are so many ways that you can share Beautycounter's products. Here are just a few.
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8. Schedule your launch social

It does not have to be big or fancy. Try to schedule a few dates and times, or think about doing an open house, so that you can capture as many of your friends and family as possible.

9. Reach back out to your mentor.

Your mentor is your biggest cheerleader and resource. Make sure you communicate your goals and progress to her so that she can help you with your business. That is what she is there for!

Tracey Bodin, Senior Director

I am so thrilled to have you here at Beautycounter. You are in the right place at the right time and this business can be exactly what you want it to be!