Peer Ministry Meeting Agenda

August 19, 2014

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Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

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Welcome Cards

This year we have new teachers joining Notre Dame, let's make them feel a little more welcome to our family. Everyone sign the cards made for them and give them a short message of encouragement.

  • Mrs. Perez
  • Mrs. Chavez
  • Mrs. Arguelles
  • Ms. Prado

Daily Mass Schedule

The Daily Mass Schedule has been added to the Dropbox in the Folder called "Important Documents" Please look over the schedule if you signed up. Each Volunteer has four days throughout the year to attend daily mass, we will have weekly reminders to show at our zero period meetings.

If you were not at the previous meeting and would like to volunteer to help fill the gaps it would be greatly appreciated. Also if you see a blank spot on the calendar and want to go, so we can always have someone from peer ministry at a daily mass please let Mr. Alvarado know which day you would like to sign up for.

Committee Roster Created

On the Dropbox folder, please look over the Committee Roster and be sure that your name is on the right committee.

Review of Opening Mass

Let's look at the Opening Mass with some constructive criticism and see what worked, what didn't and how we can improve for our next one.

Committee Action Item Updates

Bishop's Mass - Lucas, Cisco, Megan, and Steven

  • Write Prayers of the Faithful - Megan due today
  • Upload a Completed Liturgy Planning Guide to the Dropbox folder for your Committee due August 20th

Freshmen Retreat - Isaias, Roman, Cierra, Stacy, Jose, Krishty, Diana, Jiovanni, and Stephanie

  • Brainstorm ways to promote the retreat and build up anticipation for it- Committee member due today.
  • Finalize an outline and submit it to the Dropbox folder for review. - due August 20.

Sophomore Retreat - Claudia, Victoria, Quinn, Vivianna, Janise, and Atzire.

  • Reveal the name of the Retreat soon, the anticipation is killing us!
  • Upload a schedule to the Dropbox folder for review. - Due August 20th.

Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter - Ashley, Diana, Kim, and Camille.

  • Call the various shelters you found and figure out which one works best for what we wish to do with this program - Due Today.


Weekly Rosary for Intentions - Megan and Stacy

Big Brother/Sister Program - Cierra, Stephanie, and Rachael

Liturgical Dance Team - Luisa

Recordable Spanish Story Books - Dominique and Stacy

Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception Mass - Matthew and Mia

Junior Retreat - Cierra, Shelby, Nick, Ashley, Luisa, Isaias, Matthew, Roman, Mia, Kim and Jose

Visiting and Elderly Home - Stacy, Janise, and Diana

Peer Counseling Promotion - Victoria, Krishty, Kim and Dominique

Committee Break Off

Peer Ministers will break off into Committees to continue working on projects.

If a peer minister is on multiple committees, choose the one that is the most important or is first on the calendar.

  • Determine action items to accomplish and planning.
  • Be ready to present your plan to the large group.

Large Group Wrap

Committees review their action items for and who is responsible for each action item.

Other Business

Closing Prayer