Maycomb County Tribune

May 2nd 1931

United States Officially Gets A National Anthem

On March 3 1931 U.S president Herbert Hoover officially signed "The Star Spangled Banner" to be the United States national Anthem. Before Hoover signed the United States did not have a national anthem.

The words of the national anthem were first written on September 14 1814 by Francis Scott Key. Key originally wrote the lyrics as a poem titled "The Defence of Fort McHenry.

Key was a lawyer and a young poet. He was held on a British warship during the war of 1812.

When the war intensity went down Key noticed that Fort McHenry was still flying it's American flag. Key then decided the start writing the his poem. The Fort McHenry flag stood at 42 by 30 feet tall.

Key suggested that his poem be sung to the music of the song "To Anacreon in Heaven". The poem than became know as "The Star Spangled Banner"

"The Star Spangled Banner" was published all over the United States. It become one of the most popular patriotic songs of the United States. By the late 19th century "The Star Spangled Banner" had became the song of the U.S. military. It wasn't until 1931 when the United States made "The Star Spangled Banner" the first official national anthem. Education

The picture below is the lyrics of "The Star Spangled Banner"

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Friday, May 13th, 7am

Maycomb County Court Room

Trial of Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell

The Trial Of Tom Robinson

A black man’s word against two white people’s word. Who will the verdict favor?

The trial of Tom Robinson and Mayella Ewell will be held this Friday starting at 6:45 am at Maycomb county court house.

Tom Robinson, a black man, is getting accused of raping and beaten Mayella Ewell, daughter of Bob Ewell.

“Coming into this trial I knew that I would have to fight hard to win this trial”, says Atticus Finch.

Finch will be defending Robinson in trial. Even though he knows he more than likely will not win the trial, Finch is showing pride by still defending Robinson.

Mr. Gilmer will be the prosecuting attorney for Mayella Ewell.

If you are not able to make the trail, it will be online on the Maycomb County Courthouse website. The Verdict of the trial will later be published after the case.

Who will win? Tom Robinson, or Mayella Ewell?

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Unexpected Hero

The Finch children never expected Boo Radley to be their life saving hero.

Jeremy and Jean Louise Finch were walking home from the Halloween pageant through a field on October 31 when Boo Radley saved the children from getting stabbed by Bob Ewell.

Scout Finch, daughter of Atticus Finch, said, “my brother Jem and I were just walking home from the pageant when out of nowhere came a man.” Jem Finch said, “The only thing I remember is a man pulling me away from another man. That man is truly an unexpected hero!”

That unexpected hero was Author Radley. The strange thing about Author, or as the kids called him “BOO” was that the neighborhood had never seen him. Radley never came out of his house.

I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen that night so I just took a stroll. When I saw the children getting attacked by Bob Ewell I knew I needed to help them”, Radley said.

S. Finch says, “I really do appreciate what “BOO” I mean Author did for Jem and I. He saved our lived from the dirty Bob Ewell.”

Bob Ewell stabbed himself accidently and died that night. “Ewell went down the worse way possible,” said S. Finch.

Jem Finch as several injuries and was too ill to be interviewed. More on this story will be later to come.

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I am going to roast that ham!

First of all let me thank all the Maycomb County residents that came out and supported our Halloween Pageant. Do all of you notice that something was missing? Yes yes you are right the DUMB HAM didn't come out on to stage. I gave her the que severely times, but of course she NEVER came out. How do you fall asleep back stage during a pageant. If you are that tired DO NOT come to my pageant and ruin it. How embarrassing! Maybe if you weren’t sitting at that stupid trail all day praying for that black man. Your father never should have defended him in the first place. I NEVER want you to step foot in my pageants again. I do not need another pageant to go down because of you falling asleep. You weren’t even a good ham in the first place.

JEAN LOUISE FINCH you ruined my pageant.

- Grace Maryweather