Rebel Without a Cause

Stevie Klock

Plato's Traits.

Plato is very lonely. He lives all alone, his parents are divorced and his moms always on trips. Plato is also crazy he shot puppies and then he shot a kid then shot at a cop.

Plato's main problem

Plato's main problem is that both his parents left him and all he has is maid that tries to act like his mom. Also another big problem he has is he is in trouble with the cops and at the end he shoots at a cop.

Did he Learn?

I don't think Plato learned from his mistakes because at the end of the movie he tried running from the cops and he got shot.

Plato's mismatched socks.

I think Plato's mismatched socks just shows that he isn't right and that there is something wrong with his brain. now a days if you mismatch socks its normal but back then everything was neat and together.


i think the theme of the story is life lessons because everyone's life seems so bad but the need to learn from there mistakes.

Should JIm Have Went to the Cops?

I don't think Jim should have went to the cops because there was no reason it wasn't his fault Buzz died. Also if he didn't go to the cops they other kids wouldn't of went after him, because they think he snitched then Plato wouldn't have died because none of that would have happened