Child Timeline

Skills that children have as they grow!

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0-4 Months

-Begin to smile at people

-Can calm themselves

-Likes to play with people

-Cries to show hunger,pain,or sleepiness

5-9 Months

-Knows familiar faces

-Likes to look at self in the mirror

-May be afraid of strangers

-Clingy with familiar adults

10 mos.-1 Year

-Shy or nervous around strangers

-Starts to develop favorite things and/or people

-Repeats sounds/actions for attention

-Play games like peek-a-boo,or,pat-a-cake

18 mos. - 2 Years

-Starts speaking several single words

-Explores alone with parents near by

-Plays simple tea parties for example.

-They know what ordinary things a cup,or a plate.

3-5 Years

-Copies adults and friends

-Understands the idea of having personal items,and who they belong to

-Plays mom & dad (roleplay)

-Speaks clearly

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This link will give you all the information you need to know,and give you ideas on how to properly raise your child,without stressing,and pulling your hair out about your baby touching stoves! Ha Ha. 😂.


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