Social Networking Sites

Stay Safe On The Internet!

What People Do?

On Social networking sites there many people who don't now this but once your information is on it it never comes off.

People pretend to be someone else and hack into your personal information and then follow you and make you do things you don't want to do and there are many trolls meaning

people who comment to upset you and provoke you to reply and cause an argument.

What Can You Do To Protect You From It?

On every social networking site you have privacy settings where, if you make your account private only your followers/friends can only view your data. This saves you from the trolls and stalkers on the social networking sites. However if you feel someone is making you do things that you want to do, on all social networking sites there is option where you can report them and they will not find out it was you but the site will put a stop to it by taking action against it.

When you use social networking sites it is also your responsibility to not post something inappropriate and if it is nude that is illegal and is known as Sexting. You need to not give any information about yourself which allows the other person can find you or cause any harm to you in any way or blackmail you.

What You Need To Do To Keep Others Safe!

Don't comment anything horrible or mean on anybody's pictures or any data and don't mess around by pretending your someone else and don't upset anyone because you are NOT a troll.

Social Networking Sites