Jan 14: All the news from Ishinryu Karate Australia (NSW)

Welcome to 2014!

Ishinryu in NSW sends out many emails to members each month, but an online newsletter once or twice a term will put all the big news in one place.

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Holiday Classes

Sensei Leighton will be running holiday classes at the Menai dojo from 9.30-10.30am on Wednesday 15 and 22 January. All ages are welcome, but we know at that time of day that mainly kids will attend.

Classes are just $15, or $25 for two siblings or $30 for three. These are great intro and fun classes so non-karate students fit in absolutely perfectly. In other words, bring your friends along.

There is no need to RSVP, but if you have any queries please call Sensei Leighton 0402 032 653.

Classes resume Saturday 25 January

We'll be getting into the full timetable from Saturday 25 January. Note that the Australia Day holiday is on Monday 27 January so we AREN'T training at Jannali on that night.

The class timetable is exactly the same as how we finished last year.

Term 1 Joining Special

The beginning of the year is always a fabulous time to bring friends along for a free class, and if they join they can take advantage of our only big special of the year.

For just $165 (will be $200 afterwards) they will get their gi, syllabus, sparring safety equipment, member card, licence and 15 (not 12!) months of insurance. This will be on offer until 14 February.

Class Fees

Afraid we do need to mention these.... and the great news is that they haven't changed!

10 classes - $150

20 classes - $190

Unlimited - $210

Third and subsequent family members always half price for class fees.

Please take note that we will be introducing a $10 late payment fee per person for funds received after the end of week 3 (14 February). We have resisted this for a long time but now so many payments are coming in very late and we need a way to encourage on-time payments.

As always, if you know you will have trouble paying on time please chat to us and we'll work out a plan that works for you. We also encourage families to spread their payments over several weeks without the need to ask, so please continue to do so.

Payments can be by cash or cheque in the dojo, or by direct deposit. Please email if you require banking details (still not too confident about putting them out in the ether!).

The Ishinryu Christmas class, that was a bit fab!

It seems like a very long time ago now, but our great Christmas class was a fabulous hit as always. When Senseiis and Sempaiis put their santa hats on things always get a bit jolly (and rowdy). We thought you might like to see a few photos, heaps more on our facebook page (link below).

December gradings

A huge congratulations to all students who reached their next level last December.

We had our second black belt grading of the year (which is quite rare) and were thrilled with the results. Congratulations to new nidans (second dan) Sempaiis Phil Trevenar, Trevor Bonser and Rikesh Jeram. And achieving shodan (first dan, the first level of black belt) were Sempaiis Dave Allen and Roshan Pillai.

Below is the photo of the five grading students, with examiners and black belt observers.

Remember to bow as they enter the dojo!

Our 2014 Summer Course

Our brilliant summer course is about to celebrate its 20th birthday. And it is time to get your entry in!!!

Our founder, Sensei Ticky Donovan OBE 9th Dan will be our very special guest on the course and in the dojo. Last visit during a chat he rattled off over 100 karateka who won world titles whilst he was England coach...the man is extraordinary.

Sensei Wayne Otto OBE 5th Dan will again be returning, we so love having Sensei Wayne in Sydney and know excited many of you are already. Nine WKF world titles for him, still a record, and he is current National Coach of Norway.

And as you have heard we are thrilled as Sensei Ian Cole 4th Dan is also coming! He was last here in 2011, a very big former world champion from Ishinryu and current National Coach of Qatar..

The course is for EVERYONE, from our international competitors and black belts to our brand new tiny white belts. The course is an awesome experience, with way more than half of the participants from non-Ishinryu styles - and many entries have already come in from overseas and interstate. It is that good. You don't need to pay until end February but we'd love to know you are coming before then so we can get into the planning.

There are a bucketload of details on the online form. Please head over for a quick look, no rush to enter the course but if you wish to stay at the Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort we always encourage you to get a deposit down early.

AKF tournament season is approaching...

We have received a lot of information regarding the upcoming season. Some is not able to be linked or attached so please let us know at and we'll send it on. Please be aware that for AKF competitions you need all the WKF homologated safety equipment which is certainly expensive (but we get for you at just over cost price), but very durable and will last for years.

  • Entry form for the Sydney All Styles tournament, entries close mid-Feb (link sort of on our facebook page). It's a good entry level tournament as there is a 5th kyu and below division up to age 17, and a kyu grade division for adults.
  • State team nomination information (link below under "forms"). They have a NSW squad rego day (you can train without joining/making the team, good experience) coming up with no training, but we would reckon waiting for the first training day to have a better reason for driving as far as Liverpool!
  • Approximate costs if you do make the NSW team to represent at the 2014 Nationals in Perth (in the "forms" link too). Nice to have less surprises...

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New club flyer

We are going form-mad around here right now and can see that many of you have forwarded our flyer to others.... If you have any family or friends who may be interested in karate perhaps just forward them our new flyer. There is detail, photos and links to our timetable, all in a neat and funky package!