Zero-Tolerance Policy

By:George Rubio

What is the Zero-Tolerance Policy? Hi

Zero-Tolerance is any policy that allows no exception. In other words there is no tolerance for misbehaved behavior, drugs, alcohol..... Etc.

Is The Zero Tolerance Policy Harsh For Teens?

The Zero-Tolerance Policy is not the best choice to punish teens. Teens are getting punished by suspension, expulsion, and even arrest for little charges. For example a 10-year-old got suspended for a day because he was using an imaginary bow and arrow.He was using an imaginary bow and arrow and that was way too harsh for something not serious at all.Another example is a 8-year-old got arrested for hitting her friend with a tootsie pop,a lollipop.
Zero tolerance policy in schools can have life-long consequences for misbehaving students

Zero-Tolerance Policy Removed? or to Continue? Hi

The Zero-Tolerance is taken way to seriously with children. It gives children sometimes adult charges thats too harsh for a minor crime. A crime such as resisting changing because your in violation of the dress code or an 8 year old hitting another little girl with a lollipop are real life examples of arrests that had happened.

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