My Oh So Interesting Life!

Some Lovely Facts About Tori Cook :)


My hobbies include reading, singing, watching too much Disney, taking pictures, and hanging out with my favorite people!


I live with my grandma, my dad, my two littles brothers, and my cousins Ava and Ben practically stay with us every day! My papa did live with us as well but he passed away beacause of pancreatic cancer on October 7th.

My winter break.

My winter break was pretty nice. I had three Christmases! One at my aunt Monica's house on Christmas eve, one on Christmas morning at my house, and one Christmas evening with my other grandma on my mom's side of the family.

I also spent New Years at my work Summit Lanes with both my grandmas, my brothers, my uncle TJ, his fiance, my boyfriend, and my coworkers. Other than that I barely left my house. it was a lazy break.