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Special Edition - February 15, 2021


Notice to TCS Parents: Important Calendar Changes THIS WEEK

Weather Cancellation: Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Due to the possibility of icing on area roadways and generalized winter weather, all Trussville City Schools and offices will be closed on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. This cancellation also applies to all after-school activities.

The Governor’s Office has declared a state of emergency, therefore no e-learning is required.

We will continue to monitor the weather and communicate with you further if conditions warrant.

Calendar Change: Virtual Learning Days 02/19 and 03/12

TCS has collaborated with UAB Medicine to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for those employees who are interested. This includes all employees - from bus drivers to teachers to cafeteria workers.

In order for the school system to be flexible with our employees who have chosen to be vaccinated at UAB, students will not report to school buildings on Friday, February 19, 2021, and Friday, March 12, 2021. Students will be learning from home.

This is a calendar change to system-wide virtual learning for two (2) days only. This ensures flexibility for our educators who have registered for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Students will be instructed through Schoology via their Chromebook at home February 19 and March 12 for the purpose of releasing our employees to receive both doses of the COVID-19 vaccination at UAB.

Your child’s current teacher(s) will communicate instructional expectations for those virtual dates.

Please ensure your students bring their Chromebooks and chargers home Thursday, February 18 and March 11 to be ready for the Friday virtual learning days.

Curbside pickup meals for virtual students will continue.

Curbside pickup meals for students who are traditionally in school on Fridays will be available for pickup at Hewitt-Trussville Middle School Thursday evening, February 18, and Thursday evening, March 11. The February 19, 2021, CNP Meal Order Form can be found here.

We appreciate the incredible effort UAB has put into this process - and we appreciate your patience as we modify the school year calendar for these two very important dates!


Q & A: How TCS Contacts Parents

Q: How do I receive automated calls from my child's school and/or school system?
A: If you have child(ren) enrolled in Trussville City Schools, the contact information (cell number, landline, email, etc.) you provided during enrollment is used to contact you for school matters, whether routine or emergency.

Q: In what ways will you try to contact me?
A: The school/school system will use some combination of text messages, automated phone calls, emails, and smartphone app push notifications.

Q: Why am I no longer receiving communication?

A: If you changed cell phone numbers, email addresses, etc. after you enrolled your child(ren) in TCS - and did not provide the new information to the school - then our system is attempting to contact your old contact information. If you unsubscribed from even one email or one text message - it unsubscribes you from ALL future TCS Blackboard correspondence, including notifications about school emergencies.

Q: How can I get my information corrected - or resubscribe?
: If you have a new cell number, landline, and/or email address, please contact your child's school to have that information updated. The school will need it for school-level purposes - and school officials will input your new info into a database that flows to - and overwrites old data - in Blackboard Mass Communication at the district level.

Q: What if I never changed my contact info - and am still not receiving TCS communication?

A: If you know your correct email is on file with your child's school - and you set up a filter in your email inbox to automatically delete TCS Blackboard emails - please undo that. If you know your correct cell number is on file at the school - and at any point texted STOP to one of our text messages - please text OPTIN or YES to 60680 to resubscribe.

*The same info above applies to employees. If you work for TCS and believe you are no longer receiving communication via Blackboard Mass Communication, please contact Jason Gaston at

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