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Martin Luther King

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up - Martin Luther King

50 years ago a American civil rights activist by the name of Martin Luther King made a speech that had a impact on the whole world. Martin Luther King was born in a southern US state of Georgia and was born in 1929. Back then Martin Luther King was brought up in a time where Racism was a part of everyday life. At that time in many US states there were laws of segregation which means People with different skin colour had to be seperated for the white people. But that all changed. In 1963 Martin Luther King led protests in Alabama. Police had to use dogs and even water cannons to stop the protesting also at the same time they arrested thousands including Martin Luther King.

Later that year he spoke to over 300 000 people and he wrote a speech asking his country to end racism. In 1964 segregation laws were stopped and Martin Luther King was given the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in Civil Rights. Sadly Martin Luther King was shot and killed in 1968. But his message stilled lived on and they message will always be remembered