My Digital Footprint Evaluation

By: Xitlali Hernandez

The Importance of a Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is what you are and what you do online, all the things you do on the internet, its very important, because :

  • It affects your future
  • Can get you, good or bad responses depending in how it looks
  • Can let you in the place you want to be

My Digital Footprint

Consist of 3 tools:

  • Instagram

Instagram is used to post the pictures that you like, and to follow the people that you are interested in. I use Instagram to show my creativity and to follow photographers to gain inspiration, at first it was used for my 20% Project, but I really enjoy it and know its part of my daily bases. Instagram had impact my digital footprint in a positive way, because its a tool where people can see in what I´m interested in, and people can see my skills in photography. It shows the creative side of me and it shows that the main purpose that is to follow and to be like a photographer.
  • Twitter

Twitter is a tool, where people can say anything, what they are passing trough or what they are doing. I use Twitter to follow East Leyden High School and some teachers there, all started with the Social Media Campaign that was about making people assist to High School Music Play. Twitter has giving me a positive impact in my digital footprint, because it shows that I´m involved in school and that I enjoy to be in East Leyden High School.
  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a place where people show their professional side, what they are good at, and the education that they have. I use LinkedIn to have a professional look in my digital footprint, I used to show my activities during school, and to show project done there. LinkedIn had give me a positive impact because its shows that I´m good at school and that I´m involved with the activities during school.
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The Impact in the Future

Helpful or Harmful

Helpful side:

  • The fact that it only have positive things
  • It can be good for future jobs and interviews
Harmful side:

  • Lack of activity in Twitter and LinkedIn
With more time, without updating can let me having a Digital Footprint that is not interesting.

Improving Online Identity

To have a better Digital Footprint you need to...

  • Be frequent
  • Only post good things
I need to create more accounts in other social medias and always said the truth about myself, and to always be polite with others.

Most Important thing I learned

The most important thing that I learned about Digital Footprint is that maintaining a good one, can give others the image of yourself.

  • Give you opportunities
  • Give you resources (people)

Should I keep a positive Digital Footprint?

Of course, keeping my Digital Footprint positive, can be really good for my future plans.

I will keep my social medias active and I will get involved more.