Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating our amazing educators and students, Volume 7

Caring Canines Support Students

Students in the Slate Valley schools look forward to their visits with therapy dogs. This interaction with an attentive animal builds compassion, enhances self-regulation, and even improves reading skills! Due to the pandemic, our furry friends at first visited grateful students virtually, but students were so thrilled when they were able to meet in person again in May.

This Isn't Your Gramma's Library Class

Library classes are so different now than they were when any of our current teachers were students. The past few years have brought new standards that ask librarians to incorporate design thinking, technology, and digital citizenship alongside the "traditional" library activities of research and reading. As a result, our Slate Valley libraries are exciting, engaging places for our students.

Painting Outdoors on a Sunny Day at CES

Students in 4th grade read Holes then headed outdoors to paint "before and after" scenes of Camp Green Lake. This lesson in understanding the use of imagery to compare and contrast is one that the students will not likely forget.

Slate Valley Teachers Make Learning Fun

Los Piratas de CV-Escuela

As part of Spanish class at CVS, students read a book -- in Spanish -- about pirates. After that, they used their knowledge of vocabulary to create and describe the imaginary pirates of CVS. These were then compiled into a book of pirates for all to enjoy. Buen trabajo estudiantes!

Baking for Self and Others at FHUHS

In conjunction with King Arthur Baking company, Family and Consumer Science students implemented the Bake for Good program. Each student in a cooking class this quarter made two loaves of bread. One to bring home to share with their family and one to donate to Fair Haven Concerned.

Tip Line and Parting Thoughts

This newsletter has been put together by your coaching team (Casey, Abby, Molly, Kristen) with help from many staff who have sent us photos. To join in the fun of recognizing the great work of our SU, please email pictures to the coaches. We look forward hearing from you!