Economic Growth & Challenges

The United Kingdom

Capital Deepening

The process of increasing the amount of capital per worker.

Capital deepening is often measured by the rate of change in capital stock per labor hour.

10 things that reflect the per capita data

PPP 2011 was 2.341 trillion

PPP 2012 was 2.343 trillion

PPP 2013 was 2.387 trillion

The real growth rate was 0.9% in 2011

The real growth rate was 0.1% in 2012

The real growth rate was 1.8% in 2013

GDP (official exchange rate) in 2013 was 2.49 trillion

GDP per capita in 2011 was 37,300 dollars

GDP per capita in 2012 was 37,100 dollars

GDP per capita in 2013 was 37,300 dollars

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Saving and Investment

Some advice for saving and investing would be to save a little at a time because most people don't really stick to the plan when the goal seems to be so far away. Some other advice would be to save more money when your income increases due to a raise or a bonus at work. Also try to do something on the side of your job that can make you some money because that should help in the long run.

Technological Progress

Between 2004 and 2012 the UK produced 6% of the world's scientific research papers and had an 8% share of scientific citations, the third- and second-highest in the world (after the United States' 9% and China's 7% respectively). The UK plays a leading part in the aerospace industry, with companies including Rolls-Royce playing a leading role in the aero-engine market; BAE Systems acting as Britain's largest and the Pentagon's sixth largest defense supplier, and large companies including GKN acting as major suppliers to the Airbus project.


After all of what I saw from the country of the UK i can guess that they are at the expansion part of the business cycle because of their rising GDP and their Econ growth as a whole.