Peer Proposal

End Corner Cutting

The Problem

2nd hour just ended, but you're having a good day! You got a 95 on your AP US History test and things are going good. You turn the corner heading to the bathroom when all of a sudden... "SLAM" you run into someone cutting the corner and you fall to the ground, books go everywhere, day ruined. Corner cutting is a serious problem at Saline High School, if only there was a way to fix it...

The Solution

We aim to educate a portion of the student body on the correct way to take a corner. We will focus on one specific corner to conduct or our experiment during passing hour. We will gather initial data by keeping track of the number of "bumps" observed at a corner in a given time. There will be two stages, stage one will consist of putting brightly colored tape on the ground, arranged in a way that indicates who should take the corner wide and who can take it tight. If we fail to see a difference in the number of bumps, we will enact stage two, where we will put cones on the ground in order to further direct traffic. Our goal is to reduce the overall number of corner bumps at Saline High School.
This is a very big problem at the school, and it needs to be addressed in some way. By reducing the number of corner collisions, we can help make the school a better place and improve the moods of all students.