Miss Sullivan's Weekly News

FOUR Weeks until summer!


That should totally be our slogan. I'm so proud of how hard the kids work every day. We are working on packets in math to address areas requiring growth. Each student has packets tailored to his/her specific needs based on benchmark testing. I'm seeing them work hard with each other in small groups and make tremendous progress on the mini-quizzes at the end of the packets. Very impressive!

Mrs. McPherson and I have been stretching ourselves to find some alternative ways to present work! Games, including using the iPads and Chromebooks for clickers to select answers for an online game, have made showing off what we have learned more fun than a worksheet ever could!

We also watched a science video from The Magic School Bus on plants and photosynthesis. I love those videos because they have excellent, accurate information in a kid friendly format with memorable visuals. I have a not-so-secret desire to BE Ms. Frizzle!

We need to hit things hard for one more week before our tests. After testing, we will have our Field Day (Friday, May 13). Please let me know if you are willing to help out at the concession stand. This is always a very fun day for the kids. See the image below for more information or to sign up.

Remember to return permission slips for FIELD DAY and the TALENT SHOW.

Have a wonderful weekend.