Persuasive Smore

Should schools offer fast food?


Teaming up with fast food is not only financially good for the school but also better for the students and the choice of picking what food you what will make the kids eat there food instead of throwing it away. The fast foods doesn't have to be all grease and fat for fast food they can get some healthy options.

5 reasons that support my claim/persuasive techniques

This has a ethical appeal and appeal to fear it is ethical because students all over the world would want food that they enjoy so they would need as much support as they can get. It is appeal to fear because not eating can cause sicknesses putting their health at risk.

1. Students health

1,086,000 students stopped buying school lunch because most school give out left overs that are not good for students. The food they give the students does not give them the nutrition they need and want.

2. Better eating routine

Even if fast food is not the healthiest option but its what makes the students some what healthy. For example some kids don't eat breakfast or lunch at school so if fast food is an option it will help them out and make them not end up getting ill.

3. Freedom of choice

If kids are responsible enough to go out with friends i think they can decide if they can eat McDonald's or any other fast food. It will probably make students learn more.

4.Better than school lunch

Yes it will make kids gain weight but then they should go and exercise and get out more. It could be a possibility that schools might consider fast food just if students agree to terms.

5. when to have fast food at school

I think there should be fast food options in high school. They should be mature enough to make good choices on what they want to eat and not have to leave the school building.

Counter argument

People will go against it but then they will be making kids be tired and not have energy in class. I think it will make things 10x better in schools.