Alex Rider Stormbreaker

Anthony Horowitz

The Review:

Alex Rider is a 14 year old teenager is recruited to find out who killed his uncle. This was a very good and suspensful book and it would keep you on the edge of your chair. I liked it because it had a lot of action in it.

Favorite Passage:

"He walked softly, casually, down the corridor, heading for the last block. A Murmur of voices reached him and he quickly stepped into an alcove, squatting beside a drinking fountain as two men and a woman walked past, all wearing white coats, arguing about Web servers. Overhead, he noticed a security camera swiveling toward him. He made himself as small as he could, crouching down behind the fountain. The three technicians left the room. The security camera swung away again and he darted forward, keeping well clear of the wide-angle lens. Had it seen him?"

Character Poem


Well-Built, Brown eyes, Fair Hair


Spying, Hiding, Sneaking

In England, Modern Times

He seems prettty cool.