Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft

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The Story

Working Bikes was founded in 1999 by Lee Ravenscroft, Amy Little, and a group of volunteers. They loved recycling old bikes and keeping the bike culture alive. Lee started collecting bikes in Chicago and the Midwest. Working Bikes has collected over 38,000 bikes and distributed them world wide since they began. They give bikes all over, but there top partners are located in Uganda, Guatemala, Latin America, Ghana, Panama, El Salvador, and many others. Their local impact is to give to near by homeless shelters for transportation, youth empowerment, and refugee resettlement. Working bikes donates around 6,000 bikes a year and distribute them world wide and also local.

This organization is truly amazing and unique. It helps people all over the world, but they also still like to focus on how they can help locally. They do what they love to help people, and also make their neighborhoods a better place. It's heartwarming to see an impoverish kid able to still have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike. Also to see a bunch of adults lives getting easier by the transportation Working Bikes gave them. This organization is a good uses of transportation, electricity, and cargo.

Lee Compared to Ben & Jerry

Lee Ravenscroft has a lot in common with Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. A couple of things are hard working, kind, and a love for what they do. Lee like Ben & Jerry has a good work ethic, and uses it to be kind to others. Lee's job is to help people and he works hard to do that. Ben and Jerry were very successful and used their successes to give back to their comunitty just like Ravenscroft. All three of them became successful by following their hobbies and being good citizens.

Lee Ravenscroft differs from Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield in his human relations. Lee has better human relations because he has people donate to his organization. Ravenscroft collects around 300,000 dollars a year for Working Bikes. Also he has human relations world wide in countries that he donates bikes to.

“Customers are happy to help people that are in need of bicycles,” ~ Lee Ravenscroft

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