Why You Should Visit Switzerland

Top 5 Reasons Switzerland Is Amazing Place to Visit

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Switzerland is a dream travel destination for many Indians. Known for its immense natural beauty and beautiful cities, Switzerland is one of the most wonderful countries in the world. It is a small, landlocked country nestled in the heart of Europe and is surrounded by Austria, Italy, France, Germany and Liechtenstein.

Be it summers or winters, Switzerland promises the most unique experience to the tourists. Here are some of the top reasons why you should spend your next vacations in Switzerland:-

The Alps:

It’s the largest mountain range in Europe. Switzerland is one of the best places to enjoy the amazing scenery of the Alps. You’ll not just get a chance to see some of the highest peaks of the Alps but will also be able to witness the stunning beauty of glaciers located in the Valais and Bernese Alps. Many of these peaks are accessible by cable car or cog railway. The Alps have themselves greatly influenced the culture and traditions of Switzerland. If you love mountains, this beautiful European country is one of the best destinations you can ever plan to visit in your life time.

Outdoor Activities:

You can enjoy many adventure sports including Climbing, paragliding and mountain biking over here. If you’re planning to visit the country in winter or early spring, you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. There are plenty of ski resorts and towns in Switzerland that make it one of the best places to enjoy winter sports. Interlaken is one of the best towns for trying your hand at paragliding.


You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the beautiful architecture of Switzerland’s castles. Chillon Castle in Veytaux, Castles of Bellinzona and Munot Fortress in Schaffhausen are some of the most famous castles that are a must-visit for all. These castles will transport you into a completely different era and will help you learn about the rich history and culture of this country.


There are many colorful Swiss festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. Grindelwald Snow Festival, International Balloon festival, Interlaken Classic Music Festival and Zurich Festival are some of the major festivals in Switzerland. Each of these festivals has its own charm and significance. In Grindelwald Snow Festival, sculptors from all over the world gather in Grindelwald and create stunning ice sculptures. Interlaken Classic Music Festival celebrates the talent of some of the leading international orchestras and soloists. As the festivals are celebrated throughout the year, you’re likely to get a chance to witness at least one Swiss festival during your visit.

Vibrant Cities:

While natural beauty is one of the main attractions in Switzerland, your visit can’t be termed complete without exploring its bustling cities. Zurich and Bern are two of the major cities based in Switzerland. Right from shopping at Bahnhofstrasse district or gambling in casinos, there are many attractions that make Swiss cities truly unique. Vibrant nightlife is another factor that makes these cities a must-visit for all.

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries not just in Europe but in the world! Whether you’re planning your honeymoon or want to go on a family vacation, Switzerland is simply perfect destination that will thrill you in multiple ways all year long. There are many tour and travel companies that offer a wide range of Switzerland Tour Packages from Chennai. Availing these packages will make your travel experience far more enjoyable as well as economical.