May Your Holidays Be Filled With Joy

The winter solstice approaches

The solstice approaches and soon a new year

We send warm wishes for holiday cheer.

Dark days, long nights - yet a season of light

May your winter break be joyful and bright.

Our holiday wish for you

A book by the fire? Or hitting the slopes?

Family time of your dreams, wishes and hopes?

In spite of that cold and inspite of that snow

May love warm your home, keep your hearts aglow.

We are grateful

At PDS we are grateful to you

For sharing your children, all that you do.

Thank-you for helping, thank you for giving

Passion for learning, leading and living.

So many good things

Many good things in two thousand fourteen

Work, make and play - all things in between.

Champion teams, college admissions

Kids who rose to achieve high ambitions.

Close to the heart

Whatever we do, whatever the part

Your children’s lives are close to our heart.

If we always connect learning with joy

The future looks rosy for each girl and boy.

A simple idea

Compass presents a review of the year

Ask for a copy or read it right here.

All of our donors are listed right there

THANK YOU for giving and doing your share.

A simple idea we need to embed:

Let's keep Ship PDS steaming ahead

This school's where you and your children belong

Please won't you help keep it growing and strong.

'tis the season

When days are short there’s snow and there's ice

Some people start listing who's naughty or nice.

Things of great value just don't have a price

So if you like you can put us down twice!

This season we need you to help and assist

Please put PDS down square on your list.

Why make a gift?

The reasons are many, but here are a few

Why we are right now relying on you

So let me tell you some things on our list

So you can get cracking on how to assist.

Academics, Arts, Athletics

Uniforms for teams and umps for the games

Studio supplies - paint, tools and frames.

Minds must be nurtured not graded like eggs

So we go further than standardized regs.

Learning by doing

Learning by doing is what we hold prime

And that means equipment, people and time.

None of that’s cheap as I’m sure you all know

But if we all do our bit our program will grow.

We like to dream large

A new bus would be good, weight room perhaps

More choices in ... (think!) ... well - YOU fill the gaps.

New wing for high school? - we like dreaming large

What’s best for your kids - that’s really our charge.

Teachers go the extra mile

And support for the teachers - they’re learners too

They need tools and skills for all that they do

PDS teachers go that extra mile

Do so with care, expertise and a smile.
Listen to A Winter Wonderland

By Daron M '17 and John M. '17 with the support of music teacher Damon Banks.

Learning to fly

Learning support, personal attention

Help each child to fly - that’s our intention.

College support for our older scholars

Field trips for all take multiple dollars.

Tools for learning

Maker supplies for our engineers

Circuits, computers, mechanical gears.

Calculators, rulers, graphical maps

Gardening supplies and technical apps.

Screens and books

Plays by Shakespeare, screens for projection

Probes for science and tools for dissection

Books for the library of every description

Database access, academic subscription.

Don't leave it to chance

Coaches for the teams and buses for trips

Costumes for drama, theatrical scripts.

Creative programs in movies and dance

Way too important to leave up to chance.


All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE

A bright future

The Annual Fund brings you all those

No need to wonder where your money goes.

For children it means opening doors

To a bright future for you and for yours.

Your gift’s the difference maker at school

Give back, pay forward - it’s totally cool.

Poughkeepsie Day School

Winter Wonderland by Poughkeepsie Day School

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year from all of us at PDS

An invitation

Come by and see us if you want to explore

Ways to contribute and maybe do more.

Whatever the reason - stop by and chat

Do not keep your thinking under your hat.

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