Potato Chips

Accidentally invented by George Crum

George Crum loved cooking..

He could "take anything edible and transform it into a dish fit for a king." One day in 1853 a cranky old guest complained about Crum's fried potatoes. He said that they were too thick, soggy and bland. He demanded a new batch. George was not happy, so he decided to play a trick on the diner. Crum sliced the potatoes paper thin, and fried them until they were as crunchy as can be. Then he over-salted them for the finishing touch.

But his plan backfired

The guest loved them! The word spread quickly about this delicious new snack called saratoga chips. It became a hit across New England. Because of his invention, Crum became famous and opened his own restaurant.

Popular Potato Chips ⇧


Herman Lay (LAYS CHIPS) and Charles Doolin (FRITO CHIPS) founded the Frito Lay company in 1961. Frito Lay makes most potato chip brands. From Cheetos to Grandmas Cookies. Any snack you can think of they can make.