Say Yes to Tejas!

"The best decision of your life!"

What Makes Us Special

Unlike the United States, we're offering to sell our land for only 12.5 cents an acre!!

If you move to Mr. Austin's colony, we can guarantee that he will rebate your money making your land practically free! Located just between the Colorado and Brazos River, Mr. Austin's settlement has stupendously rich soil, making land great for farming and raising livestock.

With Mr. Austin's connections with the Mexican gov't, he was able to locate a safe place to settle away from all those dangerous Indians!

Benefits Of Living In Tejas

  • New chance to start life with a clean slate
  • Low taxes
  • Avoiding getting attacked by an indian
  • Rich & plentiful resources
  • Get even more land if you have a family of your own
  • Affordable land

Wanted: Good moral people

Of course this settlement is very amazing, but all good things must come to an end.

In this case, Mr. Austin has a few rules in his settlement..

  • No Drunks!!
  • No Swearers or cursing!!
  • No Lazy People!!
  • No Gambling!!

Follow these simple rules and you can live the best life ever!

Tejas: Peace On Earth

Move To Tejas Now! You know you want to...

Come settle in Tejas where your family will finally be safe from those pesky Indians.

Come where you'll have more of the land you want and less of those taxes you hate.

Come to Tejas now! This offer ends soon.