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Principal's Message

Principal's Message - Moye & Argueta Dec. 18, 2020

Virtual Elite Students

Virtual ELITE Students Dec. 2020


-Thank you to everyone that donated to our Jingle Jam! We will be able to help many families in need for the holidays because of your contributions.

-Please stay safe and healthy during the break!

Jan. 4, 2021: Student Holiday

Jan. 5, 2021: Spring Semester Classes Begin

WMS 2021 Yearbooks

Yearbooks are currently on sale for $40 at However, beginning December 18, all yearbooks will be $45.

Thinking of purchasing an ad for your student? All ad space must be bought by February 15! Reserve your space today on

Counselor's Corner

WMS Counselor Newsletter Updated 11/20/20

Please click on this link to view the WMS Counselor Newsletter

WMS Online Spirit Store

Below is the link to purchase this year's spirit shirts and some discount merchandise as well. Students will be called to the AP office to pick up their purchases once the order is received and filled.

All purchases must be made online via the link below - no cash is being accepted on campus this year.

Thank you!

WMS Online Spirit Store

Please click this link to visit the online spirit store.


Schoology Support Website: We are continuously updating our Schoology Support website. Please find tutorials and troubleshooting tips for frequently asked questions.

Athletics Schedules

Click here to find Cross Country, Volleyball, and Football Schedules.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not allowing deliveries on campus.

No Microwaves

In order to keep our students safe and adhere to the COVID-19 requirements, microwaves will NOT be available during lunches.

Dress Code

  • Shorts and skirts must be longer than finger tips when standing straight up

  • Spandex and leggings must be covered by a long shirt or jacket over backside

  • No Crop tops

  • No Spaghetti Straps

  • No Sagging

  • Earrings are permitted on boys and girls (Ears only, No other piercings allowed)

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