My Summer Plans

By: Kinzie Romans


I will be doing weights for 9-12 grade volleyball players. I plan on playing volleyball in high school and weights are required for that. Plus, in case I decide I want to do any other sport or physical activity, I will have done weights to be stronger and faster for it.

Volleyball Camps

I'm going to do the two volleyball camps at Northwest and go to open gym. I'm also going to the camps in Omaha and Kearney. I need to do these to make sure the coach knows I'm serious about volleyball and train hard for it.


I will hopefully be going on vacation after I come back from Washington D.C. I don't know where I'm going to go yet but I think it'll be on the coast somewhere to see the beach. I've never been on vacation before and my family and I are at a good point in our lives to go.

Sand Pits

My family owns a little lake very close to our house and we usually go swimming and fishing there. When we're bored but only one of us is free, we usually take friends down there. Half the time, we just go down there because it's peaceful and warm. Sometimes, when we find a toad, we will put the toad on the hook and throw him in the water and either watch him swim away or catch fish with him.

Hall County Fair

Sarina and I will probably go to the Hall County Fair. Our main thing we'll do is watch the cat show and ride the rides.

Video Games

I always play videogames whenever I have free time. I usually play GTA 5, Skyrim, Dishonored, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft.