The Gilded Age

By: Ben Vicory

J Pierpont Morgan

Who: Was an American financier, banker, philanthropist and art collector who dominated corporate finance andindustrial consolidation during his time.

What: helped form general electric, and he financed the creation of the federal steel company

When:1892 and 1901

Where:New York

Why:this is important because he created major companies that influence today and our electricity.

MLA: J.P. Morgan.

Henry Bessemer

Who:An English engineer, inventor, and businessman.

What:He invented a process to make steel out of iron.

Where: Great Britain


Why:to better the industrial era.

MLA: Henry Bessemer biography. Made

Samuel Gompers

Who: Created the American Federation of Labor

What:was the first president of the AFL

Where: New York City


Why: He wanted better treatment of workers.

MLA: Samuel gompers(1850-1924), aflcio. 2014.

Union Pacific


What: A railroad company

Where: Sacramento, California

When: 1862

Why:to help spread industries and business

MLA:Union Pacific