Weekly Wineck

Raquel Wineck

Breezy Days and Babies

On March 29th Raquel Wineck and Brigette Barry were on spring break, while their friends from St. John's already had spring break, and had currently been at school. Since they have younger siblings, Chloe and Ava, they decided to go play with them. So they headed over to their house to pick them up and later they went to the neighborhood play set. They began pushing them on the swings for awhile, and then decided to go play with chalk. After the they walked back to the house they got out the chalk and started drawing. After awhile, they decided to bring them back inside and go back home to go on a boat ride. The boat ride shook back and forth and almost left them swimming back to the house! Lastly to end off the night they gathered friends and family and built a nice warm fire to warm up.

The Final Showdown

On Sunday April 12th the Power Of Dance All Star Teams attended the International Dance Competition at the Performing Arts Center in Appleton. They performed all three of their routines including Pom which is entitled "Lady Killer" Hip Hop which is "Dibby" and Jazz which is called "Puttin on the Ritz" After they performed they went to the dressing rooms to get dressed into their warmups. They then went into the the auditorium to watch the last few dances and find out whether or not they made it into the entertainment showdown. How the showdown works is one dance from each studio is chosen to compete in one last competition called the entertainment showdown, they waited for 7 dances to be called and finally the announcer calls out "Dibby from Power of Dance!" Their team jumped up and raced to the dressing rooms to get changed into their costumes to perform. After they performed they walked off with major pride and were huffing and puffing. They worked so hard, and it definitely paid off because as soon as everyone heard the announcer say "and the winner of this years entertainment is...DIBBY!" They knew they deserved it and worked for it.

Bursting Balloon Battle

Here at Bay View Middle school each house does these activities every quarter. One for MQIT and one for QIT. MQIT is at the middle of the quarter, and QIT is at the end of the quarter. For the Aquarius house 3rd quarter MQIT we had a balloon battle. We divide up into teams by our strides. At the end of the day we all meet in the gym and each stride is assigned a balloon color. Each player tied a balloon to their ankle and once the battle begins you run around and try to pop the other teams balloons by stepping on them. The stride with the most balloons left at the end of the battle wins.