Greeting at ECC

“What you do matters to God because people matter to God.” - Andy Stanley

Team Vision:

REACH every person for Christ through love and hospitality.

Team Mission:

Create a welcoming environment, that is hospitable and connects people in relationship with God and others.



What do greeters do?

  • Greet people at the doors and in the lobby
  • Escort guests to areas of interest
  • Help new families navigate the child check-in process. Click HERE to learn how.


  • Understand that this is your ministry and pray for the people coming to service.
  • Smile and make eye contact.
  • Have Fresh Breath and good overall hygiene.
  • Take the initiative and greet as many people as possible.
  • Have a sense of personal warmth (Look like you want to be there).
  • Wear your name badge so guests can identify you.
  • Focus on guests. Chat with your friends after the service.
  • Provide extra care for families with small children.
  • Be aware and looking for people who look lost or are standing alone.
  • If someone needs further help of any kind, offer personal assistance if possible, or take him or her to another team member who can help him or her.
  • Sign up on Sign Up Genius and arrive 30 minutes before the service you are serving.
  • Park away if able to allow closer spots for guests and those who need close access.
  • Remain at your station until 15 minutes after service has started.
  • Recruit, and train other greeters.
  • Take the responsibility of finding a replacement if you are going to miss a weekend.


Greeters are asked to be at their door approximately 30 minutes before the service he or she is serving and remain there 20 minutes into service. People usually come really early or really late so we want to be available to greet as many people as possible.


Ready to start greeting? We use Sign Up Genius to schedule all greeters, so simply click a button below and choose the service and time slot that works for you (on Sundays or Saturdays), and you're done!

Expect to get a reminder email 2 days before you are scheduled to greet.

I look forward to serving with you.


Ministry Leader

Mary Reich