Athens Mental Care Center Treatment

By: Kasey Matusik

What medical treatments were used at the Athens Mental Care Center? Did they work?

History behind the treatments

There are 3 main treatments, Lobotomy, Shock Therapy and Hydrotherapy. Lobotomy is "a technique involving drilling two small holes on either side of the forehead, inserting a special surgical knife, and severing the prefrontal cortex from the rest of the brain,"(Boeree, 2001). Shock Therapy, "involve activating or touching the brain directly with electricity, magnets, or implants to treat depression and other disorders,"("Brain Stimulation Therapies"). Hydrotherapy was using water as an effective treatment because it could be heated or cooled to different temperatures, ("Life and Treatment of the London Asylum," 2009).

Modern day thoughts

2016- "'Talk therapy' still is important in treatment,"("Modern Treatments for Mental Illness," 2016).

"The procedure has improved significantly since its initial use and is safe and effective,"("Brain Stimulation Therapies").

2001- "There are still western countries that permit the use of the lobotomy, although its use has decreased dramatically worldwide,"(Boeree, 2001).

The theories

Theory 1: Lobotomy is a good treatment and cures people who suffer from mental illness

Theory 2: Lobotomy is a bad treatment and doesnt cure people

Theory 3: Shock Therapy is a bad treatment

Theory 4: Shock Therapy is a good treatment

What I believe

Based on the reserch pages I've visited I can now conclude that Lobotomy is a bad treatment and shouldnt be used on modern day cases of Mental illness. Based on the evidence provided Lobotomy seems rather dangerous expecially when people are trying to have a record for the Lobotomy speed record, (Boeree, 2001). Doctors would focus more on speed rather than quality treatments. I also can conclude that Shock Therapy does work and will make people better. "Electroconvulsive therapy is the most researched stimulation therapy and has the longest history of use,"("Brain Stimulation Therapies"). Since Shock Therapy has been used for so long now its really efficent, plus with time they would of done studies on how to make it more efficent. Shock Therapy is still used today, so with all of our modern day technology the treatments will be updated. I also belive that Hydrotherapy also works because based on my research there was not any bad facts about Hydrotherapy going wrong.
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