Genius Hour Review

Anything On Liselot Polanco Genius Hour topic or question.

This is all about me and my Genius Hour question "How has our Galaxy changed over time?"

This will include the link to ask questions in Google slides, a quizlet to review for the quiz on quizizz, and a fun kahoot. This will also include more information on my project.

I'll be here all day

7:45 to 2:38 or 3:30 Monday through Friday

Thanks for everyone that helped me!

Guranteed to be the best Genius Hour Ever

All About the Author

My birthday is June 6th, 2004

My favorite colors are black and blue

My favorite people (Down below)

My favorite people

My favorite foods

Contact me Any where!!

My instagram- liselotpolanco //// Snapchat-liselotttttt //// oovoo- lpolanco001 /// lp_wow
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