Hydro Electric Power

It's Green, Renewable, and Environmentally friendly!

What is Hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is produced from the energy created by gravity.The pressure of flowing water turns underwater turbines, which are connected to a generator that produces electricity. Sometimes water flow and pressure are natural, but most of the time they are created by dams constructed for that purpose.
Dams create water reservoirs, the contents of which can be released depending on different electricity demands.

Is it good for the economy?

Yes, in fact once a dam is built, it will provide an endless amount of energy that the surrounding area can use and distribute to other areas to meet their electrical energy needs for as long as the water cycle exists.

Environmentally friendly

Hydro energy production does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It is a clean form of energy. Hydroelectric power plants do not emit any pollutants such as carbon monoxide or sulfurous dioxide given off by fossil fuel power plants. hydro power is better than burning coal, oil or natural gas to produce electricity, as it does not contribute to global warming or acid rain.