Mrs. Stickland's Texas History

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Classroom Expectations
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2. Be prepared.
3. Be positive.
4. Be productive.
5. Be polite.

Classroom Rules (signed by each student)

1. Be responsible for yourself....
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2. Respect other's right to learn;
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We will learn...

Texas is a land of vast history. But, how did we become the Texas we are today? Where did we come from; and how did we grow and structure this place of many faces and it's assorted cultures?

We will take a look at the land; the Native Americans who came before us; and European exploration. We will study Spain's claim to this land; and how it became a part of Mexico.

Then, Texas stands alone as a country of her own before joining the Union.... And, continue with US settlement; the cowboys and cattle drives; the Indian wars; and the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas. As we move into the 20th century we will see the population increase as industries grow.... the Galveston hurricane; and the oil boom. From our heroes in WWI and those in WWII, we will learn Texas had significant roles in the grown and strength of the United States.

Texas has a history .... we will look at the big picture of who we are.

Unit 1
The Land; Natural Texas;
Early Inhabitants; Early Migration

Unit 2
The Age of Contact; Spanish Exploration;
Interaction with the Native Peoples; and The French

Unit 3
Spain's Rule in Texas; Mexico's Independence;
Moses and Stephen Austin; Cultural Differences

Unit 4
Revolution and the Republic; Conflict with Mexico;
The Fall of the Alamo; Texas's Independence

Unit 5
Early Statehood; Growth and Expansion;
European Immigration; Texas in the Civil War

Unit 6
Cotton; Cattle Kingdoms; Ranching and the Railroad;
1900 Galveston and the Oil Boom

Unit 7
Texas in the Great Depression; The Stock Market;
The Dust Bowl; The New Deal; Texas in World War II

Unit 8
Modern Texas; The Civil Rights Era;
The Johnson Space Center; The Petrochemical Industry

Unit 9
Texas in Contemporary Time; Government;
The Changing Population; Sports; Arts; and Education; and The Future