Local "BAE"wulf Update

What Heroic Adventures Has Beowulf Been Up To Today?

Today In The Spear Danes

"Bae"wulf and his men of the Geatish warriors sailed to the Land of The Danes to fight Grendel. Grendel was a man eating demon. Beowulf killed our man Grendel in a bloody combat. Grendel's arm was torn off by "Bae's" immense strength. After he killed Grendel, his people were still in danger of Grendel's mother but no need to worry because typical Baewulf saved the day again as he cut her head off! We can always count on him to save the day!



Devoted Son and Man Killer

Grendel, demon child of "Grendel's Mother" died Saturday June 8, 1000 at 11:00 am. He lived in the land of the Spear Danes. Many of Grendel's acquaintances talked about how he would take a stroll every evening to the mead hall and kill a few if he could. Grendel is survived by no one.


Loving Mother and Man Eater

Grendel's mother, mother of Grendel died Saturday June 8, 1000 at 1:00 pm. She lived in the underwater cavern. Killed by a sword and Beowulf's superior strength she is survived by no one.


Loving, Hero, Chance Taker, Devoted Leader

Beowulf was a hero to many. He saved many lives and never let his men down. He was killed Sunday June 9, 1000 at 4;00pm. Beowulf died in a heroic manner during a militant battle with a dragon. Sadly the dragon got the best of Beowulf and bit him in the neck. The venom killed our hero. Beowulf is survived by Hrothgar and many more.

Daily Beowulf Joke To Brighten Your Day

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Ask Nancy

Dear Nancy,

My name is Grendel. Lately I've been having a very rough time. You see, I dont have many friends because I eat them all but all I want is a friend.... How do I make friends? Why do they all run away from me? But I have good news. Some man named Beowulf has been watching me. I hear some people saying that he is planning on killing me, but you know how rumors are!


Dear Grendel,

Let's start by not eating our friends. Would you want your friends to eat you? Id hate to see what you do to your enemies. The reason they all run away is because they are afraid you will kill them. Can you really blame them? Also, just a friendly tip. Beowulf probably is going to kill you. If I were you I would start somewhere fresh and NOT eat anybody.