Hostess of the Month Club

Do you love Thirty-One products?

I am Looking for SIX women that LOVE thirty one products and can commit to making ONE $35 purchase per month for 6 months. Those six women will be included in the hostess of the month club. Each month we will rotate between members so that everyone gets the chance to get to Hostess of The Month! That person will know that with their 5 club members, their month as the hostess, the party will have a minimum of $210 in sales and they will reap the rewards of hostess credits!!!

After the six awesome hostesses contact me to sign up, more information will be sent to them!

Your month for hostess will guarantee that you will receive a minimum of $25 in hostess credit (but could be more depending on your friends that buy!). It will be set up as an online event and you will be given your hostess packet the month BEFORE it is your month to be the hostess. This will include catalogs, monthly specials, and order forms.

Jessica Franklin

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