Bella's Science 6 Page of YAY🤓🙃🐼

This is my smore to show my learning in science

An introduction to Me

Hi I'm Bella! Just a warning I am a bit weird. Well I just can't wait to tell you about me! The first thing is I love the Jurassic and Ice Ages. They are cool periods of science because of the dinosaurs and creatures like mammoths and sabertooth tigers. My favorite thing in science is to look at things in the microscope. I have been to almost all the continents like Australia, China, and many more. We saw rock formations, caves, volcanos, animals, and even where Peking Man was found.

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6

What we have done in science before this was study things with microscopes and basic science skills like comparing and inferring. We have learned how to use a metric ruler. We also learned how to read maps, such as longitude and latitude. We also observed things, described what they looked like, and determined if they had the same characteristics of being alive as our team put down.
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This my metric ruler that I made.