North and South Asia

Includes countries like China, India and Russia

Home to:

  • The tallest peak, Mt. Everest, which sits in the Himalayas located in Nepal
  • The gobi desert that sits in China (I like the way gobi sounds. It's fun to say.)
  • The Hindu Kush mountain range
  • The tibetian plateau
  • Mt. Fuji in Japan (Is the back ground I put for this flyer Mt. Fuji? Just curious.)
  • Siberia in Northern Asia

-Asia is rich in many resources.

-It is the largest continent on earth.

Middle East and Central Asia

Includes countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kazakhstan

Home to:

  • Many deserts such as the empty quarter and the Kara kum
  • Many religious sites
  • Majority of the Muslim population
  • A lot of conflict, taking place in the Middle East
  • The Aral Sea ( I do not sea any water. Huh huh, no? Okay.)

- Rich in oil and natural gases.

- People from around the world come to worship in the holy cities.

Southeast Asia

Includes Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Home to:

  • Many animal species
  • Rainforests (Borneo)
  • Various developing countries
  • Many Buddhists (Monks. More funny words.)
  • Monsoon dependent crops
  • Rich soil, perfect for growing plants that need a lot of water, such as rice.

-Made up of a lot of islands


Includes the British isles, France and Germany.

Home to:

  • Various mountain ranges such as the Alps and Urals
  • Lots of developed countries
  • Many undeveloped countries
  • Various rivers such as the Thames and the Rhine

"Well, I won't know I like it until I try it will I?" Tessa pointed out.

"I've never swum naked in the Thames but I know I wouldn't like it." Said Will.

"But think how entertaining for passers by." Tessa said. Will scowled.

-Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare.

- Europe is very diverse due to its geographic qualities.

Australia and Oceania

Includes Australia, New Zealand and various pacific islands.

Home to:

  • The great Victorian desert.
  • The worlds only wild marsupials (Koalas! Also don't you just love saying Tasmanian Devil? I do! Tazzy Devil!)
  • The Australian outback
  • Snazzy accents (Gday mate!)
  • The Great Barrier Reef (There is nothing I want more than to visit the Great Barrier Reef.)

- Australia is a continent, country and island.(Three for you Australia. You go Australia.)