Baldwin Elementary

Staff Development May 27, 2016

Staff Development-Reinventing the Urban School Experience

I decided to try something new for our Staff Development day, May 27, 2016. I have created a Smore with the purpose of covering several topics that can help you prepare for next school year. The outcome is for you to read, reflect and plan for next school year, as well as, to have time to complete the SSiS end of year assessment.

Under the first three sections, I have included links to articles and/or blogs. At a glance it may seem that there are many links and could be a bit overwhelming; however, please do not be discouraged or overwhelmed. I tried to provide you with a variety of information and I ask that you read as much as you can from each section to help you be well- informed with each section of this PD and to complete the final reflection form.

This is what you will find in this Smore.

1. Overview of District's Literacy Plan with Structured Independent Reading as the focus

2. Building Positive Learning Communities for all

3. Technology Innovation

4. EOY SSiS completion

This short article "Teachers are Learning Designers" is to help set the stage for this PD.



Please complete your SSiS for every student in your class. You need to complete this assessment with the original form that we started with in October.

Directions for completing EOY SSiS

1) Rate students in all four domains using the same SSiS protocol

2) Use a different colored pen/marker

3) Enter SSiS EOY data into original RBP by adding EOY dates for all four domains

4) School contact (that's one of us in the office) adds completion date to google doc when all teachers have completed EOY screener

Turn in your completed original SSiS rating form to my box. We will keep all forms in the office in the front of each grade level's cum folders.

Reflection Form-May 27th, 2016 Staff Development

Now that you have completed reading each of the sections, you must complete the reflection form. You can get to the reflection form by logging into your AISD google account and clicking on the link below. Once you complete this form and submit it, I will not be looking for you on May 27th. I will review all submissions and leave them in a file for your next principal to review as well.

Thank you for being outstanding educators and for allowing me to work alongside you and learn from you for the past six years! It has been an honor serving as your principal and colleague! I wish you the very best! Always, Rosa