Why Choose CopyNet

How CopyNet Works

How does the software work? At a very high level:

  • A user selects a document and enters print information like paper size, paper color, number of copies, bindery, etc. and submits the job to the print center
  • The document is converted to a ripped PDF, an electronic job ticket is created, and the original and PDF are sent to the print center
  • The print manager selects a printer and executes the job
  • The user is automatically notified when job is done and out for delivery/ready for pick up

CopyNet Has Benefits for Teachers and Print Center Employees

CopyNet is the only web to print solution that includes functionality that integrates electronic curriculum and smart board technology to make it easier for teachers to locate, display, and print curriculum relevant to their students. The combination of an organized, electronic curriculum and printing from anywhere on any device makes the entire process efficient and saves educators and print center staff significant time.