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Protecting Children from Social Media

The Secret Life of Kids Online

The list of online games and social media sites grow longer everyday. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than half of adolescents visit a social media site more than once a day, and 75% have cell phones which are often used for texting and instant messaging. The following tips, provided by can be helpful in monitoring your child's use of technology:

Get schooled

Immerse yourself in the technology so you know how to create a profile, ‘friend’ your child, and be a part of her online life. He/She may insist that you don’t embarrass her by posting on her wall for her friends to see, for instance, but that’s okay. You still get a window into her world.

Model it

If you’re constantly on the cell or computer, your kid will want to be, too. Limit your time so you can help your child strike a balance with her own use.

Power down

Insist that family meals are device-free and set reasonable bedtimes. “Children and adolescents don’t get enough sleep as it is, so staying up half the night on line certainly doesn’t help,” says Dr. Clarke-Pearson.

Chat her up

Don’t rely exclusively on a ‘net nanny’ program to keep you up-to-date on her activity. Instead, ask who she’s texting or IM’ing lately and share some of your own social media experiences (your child just may open up about theirs).

Go public

Keep the computer centrally located (like in the family room or kitchen) so you can check on the sites your child visits and the amount of time spent there.

Be kind

Discourage meanness, gossiping and posting anything that’s untrue or potentially harmful or embarrassing. Remind your child that there’s no real privacy online—every email, text or IM leaves a digital footprint, which future employers and colleges might access.

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