CC Community Newsletter Week 6


This Friday, September 23 is WACKY TACKY DAY. Come in your mismatched outfits, socks, crazy shoes, etc. Parents are encouraged to participate. Come on, you know you want to!

We will be taking a two week break after this week. We will meet back on October 14 for week 7.

Week 7 will be the beginning of out Tin Whistle segment in Fine Arts. If you have not previously purchased a tin whistle, now is the time.

Week 7 is also the time when our insurance payments are due. If you have not previously paid your "facility fee", please do so by Week 7. It is $40.00 per family. Thank you.

Important Note

What is a parent's role in class on community day? Are you supposed to be a passive participant, a chair warmer? Or are you supposed to be an active participant that models behavior that you want your child to duplicate? I hope you answered yes to the second option. In Foundations and Essentials parents are the biggest help to the tutors in your presence, actions and modelling of correct behavior. We strive for our students to be helpful, kind, good listeners, participating with good attitudes and gentle answers. It is important that we are modelling those skills as well. If the tutor is talking, instructing, demonstrating are we helping by being attentive and active listeners? Are we preparing in our hearts and minds to teach at home in the upcoming days? Are we saving our conversation and questions for an appropriate time? Thank you for continuing to help our tutors!

Science Experiment

This week we will be using magnets and iron shaving during science. The tutors will have very specific instructions for safety purposes. Please help your children in following them to the tee. Also, we will be staggering science this week so that any parents that have children in both classes will be available to assist in each class. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Foundations to Challenge

In history Friday, your family will learn about the Renaissance by memorizing a famous
inventor, playwright, artist, and scientist. Studying these famous men and women can
inspire our students to strive for great things as they learn about the accomplishments of
rare geniuses like da Vinci, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, and Copernicus. Students will
encounter these amazing discoverers in more depth through the history of science in
Challenge B, through original documents in Challenge I American Government, through
artists and composers in Challenge II Western Cultural History, through Challenge III US
History, and through Challenge IV World History.