VCR Presentation 10

By: Maya Hoon


Robert enjoys the symphonic sound of the strings in the _______________________ as he presses his fingers on its keys.


n. A keyboard instrument, like a piano or harpsichord, with strings.

CLAVIS <L. "key"

Bach Well-tempered Clavier Prelude and Fugue in C Major played by Michael Thomas

Synonyms & Antonyms


harpsichord, piano, harp




Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. Amy thinks of her clavier as a large harp, except it is played by pressing keys instead of strumming strings.

b. Mac typed an elaborate message on his clavier and sent it via email to his teacher.

c. Laurent strums the strings inside of his clavier by pressing the piano-like keys.

d. Katy's cat enjoys testing out the keys of the clavier, but often times, the sudden sound of the strings inside of the instrument will make him jump.