Mountain Creek Eagles

4th grade News Letter

Special Attention

This upcoming Thursday is our first parent night of the year. We will start at 6:00 and our focus is Reading. 4th grade will be reading outside around the "campfire". We will have blankets and students are encouraged to bring their books to read outside with us.

Box Tops - please start send us your Box Tops! These help raise money for our school and we have already started collecting them. Save them all year and send them to school as you have them. We are doing a contest with the students and the class that has the most Box Tops every month will win a popcorn party!

Mrs. Pressnell's News


In Reading we are working on building our stamina in reading, where we can read for longer periods of time. We are also working on reading intently for meaning and depth. We have talked a lot about how our characters change from the beginning of the story to the end as they go through events and obstacles they might face.

We have also started talking about the plot of our story and how that builds and changes during the story. We are going to start working on figurative language. Be looking for a fun assignment that will come home about that. ;)

You should be filling out a reading log nightly that will be due every Monday.

Please make sure that your student is taking care of their books! Mrs. Riepe and I have spent money to have books for our classroom. Each student received a bag that they are to carry their book in. If they need a new one have them come see me. This is a way to protect the book too and from school.


We are studying about matter and all the fun phases that matter comes in. We are going to do a fun lab where students watch matter turn from a liquid, to a solid. I really think they will enjoy that! We are having to finish up a few more objectives before we can start this lab, I will be send information home about it soon.

You should have already seen the Science project Superhero Matter, that came home on Thursday. This will be due Tuesday, September 27 and is a test grade. If you have any question please let me know.

Mrs. Allen's News

We are studying how to compare and order whole numbers. We will have a test next week. Please look over graded assignments with you r student to check for understanding. I am truly enjoying teaching this group of kids! Thank you for entrusting them to us daily!

Mrs. Odom's News

Happy Thursday!

We have completed a personal narrative this week. The students are really diving in deep and looking at how to SHOW a moment rather than just TELL you about it. I will post a 'Show Don't Tell' example on my class webpage

*I highly advise going over this with your student and have them try to explain it to you.*

Engage with your student! Ask them questions about what they are learning in class! Here are some questions they should be able to answer:

  • What is a seed moment? What is a watermelon story?
  • What seed moment did you write about this week?
  • What is a homophone?
  • What is the difference between to, too, and two?

Have a great weekend! ~Mrs. Odom

Upcoming Events


September 20 Leadership Breakfast @ 8:30 a.m.

September 22 Constitution Day/North Texas Giving Day

September 22 First Parenting Night of the school year at 6:00 Reading Night

September 26 Staff Development No School for Students

September 30 Birthday Friday/Character Counts/$1 Jean Day

Lunch Menu for the Week of September 12th

Monday - Chicken Nuggets or Ham Lunchabel

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday or Apple Walnut Cheddar Pita

Wednesday - Chicken Crede or Tuna Sandwhich or Hamburger

Thursday - Chicken Thai Bowl or BBQ Chicken Salad

Friday - Chicken Spaghetti or cheese Pizza