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us coast gaurd


A coast guard crew member get int a small boat they speed over to the scene.Large cutter boats patrol in deep ocean areas.Ice breakers break up ice so ships can pass through icy waterways .crew use motor life boats for rescues in bad weather.The hh-65 dolphin helicopter hovers in place during rescues the powerful hh-60 jay hawk reaches mission areas quickly.Air craft have to lower rescue swimmers wear wet suits and flippers.Coast guard boats have weapons the weapons help crew stop people who break laws.Coast guard stations have radar screens.The screens show boat locations.Coast guard members use cell phones to talk to each other.Many coast guard members patrol the oceans on boats.Others fix vehicles or keep track of supplies.The Coast guard carries out missions on short notice .Members are ready to spring into action action at any time.
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the first coast guard mission

Saturday, Sep. 4th 1790 at 9pm

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The army got 10 people in a small boat to go defend the united states.William john smith was the first aviator to be a commander.