Two custom made games!


These 2 games are now available to download for Kodu.

The aim of game 2 is to collect all the coins, stars or apples while dodging pot holes and various other obstacles like shooters (enemies). To the right is a birds eye view showing obstacles etc..

Download these games on Kodu now!

Game launch next week

Game 1

This is an easier, smaller version of game 2 for younger players. It has the same aim but less things to collect and easier ways to collect them. It is more for girls than boys ( based on the colour scheme but anybody can play. It would be for about 8-10 year olds..? But again any age could play.

game launch

Tuesday, April 23rd, 9:15pm

This is an online event.

The games will be broadcast on 23rd of april 2013 (23/4/13)