Welcome To Lake Of Hope!

"Where we blend nature and futuristic aspects seamlessly"

Lake of Hope

We have decided to break off land and choose something different, something spectacular, something that will change the view of architectural building. It is the year 2186, and a celebration of nature is underway; this is Lake of Hope. This delightful city has 90,000 people living on Lake Erie. This city was established in 2012 and has been prospering ever since. The water shimmers like the crystals that power our city. Lake of Hope is inspired from the houseboats in Yellowknife Canada. Our V.U.S. is one of a kind and produces food for our entire community with extra to trade for money for other things that we don’t have abundance of or don’t have at all, and it is located in the middle of our city. We take pride knowing that we incorporate nature and futuristic ideas into an already phenomenal city.