What Problems Happen during space

Our Bodies Become Weak

.Our bodies In space don't work as much because there is no gravity so we are much more lightweight

.Our lower body, legs, and back begin to lose strength which can cause the muscles and bones to weaken and become thin

.Astronauts have to exercise in space with special equipment to keep the body strong from weakening and getting thin

Recycling Water

.In space you have limited amounts of water so what astronauts do is when they use and drink their water they use their urine and filter it to drink it once again

.You Need to Stay Clean

Astronauts still need to take care of their personal hygene. Astronauts take their own personal hygene kit to space that would carry toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap. The soap that they used did not need water to work. So it was perfect for astronauts