Don't always think of the bad

Tyler Asay 1 & 2 Period

Analysis of the Development of Theme

think that the setting influences the characters a lot. It influences them to make up the quests they go on. The conflict also influences the characters. It influences them to make the quests exciting. The way all of those things influence each other makes the story exciting. It also makes it so you can find the theme. You also make an analysis of the theme.

Reflection and Application of the Theme

My reaction to the theme was very positive. I agree with the theme. I also think the author developed the theme well. I think he developed the theme well because i agree with it. I think a lot of people will understand the theme well. I think it is relevant to our generation because nobody wants to only think of the bad.

Write a Summary of the Text

Freak the Mighty is an amazing book about two kids. Both of these kids are disabled in one way or another.One of the kids names is Freak. He is really smart, but has a growing disability . Max is big but has a learning disability. Together they are Freak the Mighty! That is why this book is amazing.