No bees = no food

If we don't save bees there will be no food.

Why bees are important

  • "Did you know that Dave Schuit lost 37 million of his bees."
  • If people don't save bees we will not have almonds, fewer apples and strawberries and a lot more types of food.
  • When seeds are treated with pesticides, the chemicals work their way into the pollen and nectar of the plants
  • Worse, for the bees and for us, neonic pesticides are about 6,000 times more toxic to bees than the pesticide DDT.
  • We rely on bees to pollinate 71 of the 100 crops that provide 90% of most of the world’s food.
  • We all rely on bees to pollinate over 30 percent of our food crops
  • If you’re going to eat honey, make sure it comes from a small operation. You can often find small beekeepers at your local farmers market, and they’ll tell you all about their beekeeping adventures!

How to help

  • Scientists point to several causes behind the problem, including global warming, habitat loss.
  • Please Don’t spray pesticides. The best way to help bees is to stop spraying the stuff!
  • Support organic farmers who use natural farming methods that are bee-friendly.
  • Plant a bee-friendly habitat such as a garden. Plants like fruit, herbs, melons, and even some trees can attract bees to your yard or garden.
  • Get heard and tell everyone what is going on and tell them to plant a bee friendly garden !
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