Writing Has Six Traits

Jade Peterson

The Writing Process


Ideas are what you will include in your writing. You need will need at least one of them to write a good sentence. You must have a topic that you know enough about.


Your writing is all in order, so it makes sense. If it is not in order , then people will think

one of the three things

1.they will consider you a unorganized person


2. they will think you don't pay attention


3.They will think you like changing the subject back and forth

So , just attempt to be a organized writer.

Word Choice

Okay, first of all don't repeat yourself over. Choose words carefully. Use words you don't usually use. Try to paint a picture in the reader's mind with words.


In this case, voice doesn't mean talking but, if your writing has voice that is completely different. If your writing has voice then it has a style, you're writing sounds like you and has your personality in the writing. If your voice (speaking) was disguised and I was blind folded, I should be able to tell it is yours just by the writing.


Conventions are kind of like proper grammar except conventions are for writing. Use capitals, have correct punctuation,use spaces and check your spelling.

Sentence Fluency

Your writing should flow smoothly and be easy to read. Have a variety of lengths for your sentences. Start each sentence differently.

The Writing Process


Brainstorming is almost the same thing as ideas. Brainstorming is in you mind, ideas are on paper. You would also use brainstorming for choosing your topic.


This is where you will write out a plan. Choose a topic and make your plan.( to write a plan see write tools plan)


This is your first draft. Use your ideas and your brainstorming combined,There will be many errors.


Reread you writing. Reword sentences that don't sound right.


In this step you will need to make changes, like capitalization and punctuation. On your own.


Let your friend read it and make changes hand it to other people,let them read it. Once you have double checked it go to the next step.


Turn it in or post it. Then your done!

Write Tools


This will help with organization.

How to plan : Use a T ( topic ) C ( conclusion ) 1s ( big idea ) 2s ( tell me more about topic ) place in line.

4 core sentences

this will help you choose a strong beginning sentence


This list will help you write smoothly

then next

first second

Main Idea

Main ideas ,also known as yellows, can be used to keep your notes organized.


Details, also known as reds, are describing words.

conclusion sentences

these sentences will be used to finish things up.

In Conclusion

If you follow these steps your teacher will "Like" your writing!

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